Friday, June 7, 2013

AED Buying Tips

An AED is an essential purchase for any church, business, school, or other building.  When choosing and automatic externaldefibrillator, there are several different brands and models to consider.  When looking to purchase an AED, make the best choice by considering the different options to find the defibrillator that best fits your situations.


AEDs are available in a large range of prices. A new automatic external defibrillatorcan range from around $1000 to around $3000. The difference of these defibrillators is found in the specific features of each unit. Do your research to find what specifications are important for you.  For a more affordable option, consider purchasing a used AED or a defibrillator that was used or a demo model at a reduced price. Make sure the used AED is re-certified and tested before being resold.     


AEDs are made to be as simple as possible to use for someone who has no experience using one. Some defibrillators have even more functions available to more professional rescuers.  When deciding what AED to purchase, keep in mind the people that will be using it.  If it will be placed with a fire department, paramedic, or other first responder, it may be worth spending more to buy an AED that allows for manual override and shows the patient’s underlying cardiac rhythm while being resuscitated.  These AEDs also eliminates the need to stop compression during resuscitation to see if defibrillation was successful.


When comparing AEDs, take a look at the warranty offered.  Each manufacture offers warranties for different periods of time.  This also influences price.  An AED may be more expensive then another due to having longer warranty.

An AED can be a serious long term investment for any school, church, or other building.  Do the research before you buy to ensure you purchase the best AED for your needs and budget. carries a variety of new and used AEDs from the most respected brands including HeartSine, Philips, Zoll, and Defibtech