Monday, July 22, 2013

Philips HeartStart AED Trainers

Philips Brings Innovation to Defibrillator Training

With a Philips AED trainer, you can help prepare students to operate an AED in the event of a cardiac emergency at an affordable price. HeartStart AED trainers by Philips have been engineered as the perfect instructional solution for defibrillator training. These AED trainers are virtually identical to their live counterparts, but boast extra features that make them safe and ideal for training multiple responders in a classroom setting. Voice prompts guide responders, in a variety of languages, through scenarios that are specifically designed to complement common classroom materials and emergency scenarios. External manikin adapters allow HeartStart trainers to be used with similarly adapted manikins for more realistic simulations. 

The AED Trainer 2 and AED Trainer 3 mimic the Philips FR2-series and FR3-series, respectively, and allow responders to practice rescue scenarios without the expense or potential danger of an actual defibrillator. Philips also offers an FRx Standalone Trainer for safely simulating the use of their popular line of FRx defibrillators. HeartStart AED trainers all come with reusable training pads, a manikin adapter, instruction manual and carrying case. For even more versatility, Philips offers instructors optional devices for personalizing their practice scenarios:

Programming kit – go beyond the manufacturer presets and create your own custom scenarios with Philips’s programming software for the AED Trainer 2.

Remote control – pause any scenario to provide instruction or change scenario parameters on the fly to test your responders’ training retention.

You can find Philips AED Trainers at as well as replacement parts, accessories and other training materials.