Thursday, January 2, 2014

AED Maintenance – Lifetime Tracking & Notifications

Not all AED purchases are equal.  When purchasing an automatic external defibrillator from Heart Smart, included in your purchase are several bonuses like free lifetime tracking and notifications. When you purchase a new AED it is important to have a plan in place to continually track your AEDs maintenance. 

With lifetime AED tracking and notifications, we will track the life of your AED for you and notify you of all manufacturer software updates. When a manufacturer update is available for a defibrillator, we provide the assistance needed to make sure your AED is always up to date.

Not only will we keep track of software updates, but also record the serial numbers of all your AEDs with expiration dated for your batteries and pads. When is it is time to replace the essential pads and batteries, we will send you a notification to remind you.

Purchasing an automatic external defibrillator is an important investment to the safety of staff and visitors for any organization or business.  We make taking care of that investment easier with free lifetime tracking and notifications.  Maintaining your investment and making sure your AED is ready when needed is a priority for any AED program and we are here to help ensure your program is a success.