Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Zoll AED Plus

The Zoll AED Plus is a top of the line automatic external defibrillator, designed to assist you in saving the life of a person suffering from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), whether they require a shock or not.

The Zoll AED Plus can be easily used by anyone aiding a victim of cardiac arrest. When the AED Plus is turned on, voice and text prompts immediately accompany the user with light prompts making sure even someone unexperienced can help in an emergency situation. The messages give users rescue instructions so that anyone can use it, and will not administer a shock unless required.

The Zoll AED Plus works with the Zoll CPR-D-padz which helps by coaching the user preforming CPR, removing guess-work from an emergency. Compression depths are measured and voice instructions allow the rescuer to know how deep compressions are. The adaptive metronome helps guide users throughout the CPR process. The Zoll Plus AED with CPR-D-Padz ensure you are able to assess and treat almost every occurrence of Sudden Cardiac Arrest even if a shock is not needed. The AED Plus removes the fear from rescue situations, and is ideal for any individual to save a life.

All AEDs require maintenance, however, with the Zoll AED Plus, both the Zoll CPR-D-padz and the recommended batteries carry up to a five year shelf-life. This allows for peace of mind as well as a low cost of ownership.

At we package the Zoll AED plus with everything you need including the carry case, CPR rescue kit, wall sign, inspection tag, window decal and wall cabinet. We also offer discounted prices for churches, schools, police stations and firefighters.

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